Alter Technology

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Alter Technology France
Pierre Fontana
Parc Technologique du Canal
2 Rue des Satellites
31520 Ramonville Saint Agne

Alter Technology

Alter Technology provides a single point of contact for all high reliability electronic component requirements, covering testing, engineering, procurement, storage, quality control, certification and consultancy.

Alter Technology has played and continues to play an important role in the field of component engineering, procurement and testing in the majority of the European space projects, as well as in a large number of non-European ones (India, Japan, China, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, among others).

Besides, for space and other demanding activity sectors such as aeronautics, defence and security, Alter Technology has been involved in many projects comprising product conformity.

Main activities can be summarized as:
• EEE parts engineering, testing and procurement
• Equipment and system engineering and testing
• Certification of equipment